How to write an effective product description?

A running problem with most modern eCommerce businesses is that most owners believe that product description is not that important and shouldn’t be at the top of their concerns when improving their brands, but the reality is that this is a key element that could make a monumental difference as far as target audience reaction goes.

In that regard, it has to be said that writing effective product descriptions requires as much dedication as any other aspect of our brand, so that is why we are going to give you several tips that are going to help you to achieve this goal and thus attract a wider clientele:

1. First and foremost, know your product.

This may sound obvious and even a bit offensive to suggest, but the reality is that there are brands, especially the ones starting out, that have a very superficial understanding of how their products work and what are their weaknesses and strengths. That is why we invite you to take a bit of time to analyze the final version of your product and determine what you have to offer in that regard. Once you have that clear, make sure that those advantages are part of the product description.

2. Each product is different.

This is important because it can lead to much better results. You need to focus to have the best possible descriptions of all your products and you can only do that by comprehending that they are all different, they all offer something at least a bit different than the rest and they may appeal to different target audiences, so that is something very important to take into account.

3. Understand your audience.

Understanding how your audience thinks and processes things can be very helpful at long term because you are going to be aware of the best possible tactics and strategies to reach them, which is something that you should always strive for as a business. Do a research about the different characteristics that constitute your target audience (this can race, gender, location, nationality, language, etc.) and use that in the products’ descriptions in order to raise the interest for said properties.

In every single type of marketing strategy, knowing what your audience is and how they work and think is a key element to succeed, so you should always keep this in mind when writing your products’ descriptions.

4. Make sure to give all the relevant details.

A product description should have all the important details and information that the potential buyer should know in order to make a conscious and fully convinced decision when making the purchase. Think about your product, what it is and what you think should be there for your client, thus prompting you to offer all the information that you may need.

5. Read your description aloud.

This is actually a tip that works for any type of writing procedure: make sure to read the description aloud because you are going to have a much better understanding of how it sounds and how the words the flow. This is important because even the most rudimentary paragraphs have a certain degree of musicality and you should always strive to make them flow as natural as possible because it will have a much greater impact on your target audience.

Writing has a sort of musical feel to it and that is something that can make a major difference in how your business is going to result at short, medium and long term.

6. Don’t use many complex words.

It’s okay if you have a great vocabulary, but you need to keep things a little bit streamlined for your target audience because it is going to be a lot easier to digest and to understand. Sadly enough, not everybody on the internet is a big reader, so it is important to keep a message that is accessible and goes straight to the point in terms of how it is delivered.

One of the great commands of writing is to know how to use your vocabulary to get the best possible results.

7. Optimize for Search Engines.

This is a more marketing advice, but it is still a very good thing to know because it can make a major difference in how your descriptions fare. Select and add the keywords that are used the most in your products’ internet searches and also make sure to make the content of each article as appealing as possible–that way you are going to get a lot more positive results because your products’ descriptions are going to be ranking higher on internet searches.

Overall, product description is a very important element that is going to help your potential buyer to make a decision regarding the purchase, which is why that you have to put on the best possible effort to make sure that the description is as useful and appealing as it can possibly be.